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  • Manor at Coffee Creek - Photos by Keshia

  • Manor at Coffee Creek - Photos by Keshia The Manor at Coffee Creek is the perfect place for a wedding! Congratulations to Jed and Tiffany for getting hitched in Nov. of 2015 at the Manor at Coffee Creek in Edmond, OK! It was a perfect day. It had the perfect decorations, and the perfect couple ge[...]
  • First Look vs. Keeping it Tradional - Photos by Keshia

  • First Look vs. Keeping it Tradional - Photos by Keshia Let me start off by saying... Whether you choose a first look, or your groom seeing you for the first time as you walk down the aisle, each is their own and it will be special because it is your wedding day! So with that being said if you ar[...]
  • Valentine's Boudoir by Keshia

  • Last year, 25 lovely ladies transformed into beautiful goddesses and gave their men Valentine's gifts that made their jaws fall off! Well guess what?! It's that time of year again, Valentine's Boudoir by Keshia is back! Give your man a gift this year that he will never forget; sexy, classy, tas[...]