Pet Rescue Photography at Agape Pet Clinic




2 Loving Cats in Need of a Loving Home


Their story:
Miss Kitty (grey female) and Rusty (orange male) are about 6 years old. Rusty has been declawed in the front. Both have been altered (spayed and neutered) and are up to date on all vaccinations. They have been together their entire lives and have never been separated. Their owner has passed away leaving them homeless. Even though they are older, they still love to play with their toys. They enjoy being brushed and pampered. Rusty is a lap kitty and craves attention. Miss Kitty likes company but doesn’t necessarily need to be pet. She likes to be with you and will follow you around the house.



Our Story:
This past Sunday, my fiancé Aaron and I visited the Agape Pet clinic in Bethany. We were told they had some adorable animals in need of a loving home. Aaron thought it would be a great idea to help these animals get adopted by giving them some really nice photos. I said let’s do it! So with the car loaded up with backdrops, props, and all our equipment, we headed over there to meet these little guys.


We were excited to meet Dr. Sarah Rose, the head veterinarian at Agape, as well as Tyler Trowbridge from Bethany Animal Welfare, and we were definitely thrilled to meet our models for the day, two cats and two dogs.


We thought the cats would be tough to photograph, as they aren’t really known for their willingness to pose on command! But surprisingly these little guys did great! See for yourself!!


Miss Kitty and Rusty have been at the Agape Pet Clinic since last October…so we really need to find them a family soon!


For more information on adopting these two amazing cats, please contact:

Dr. Sarah Rose

Agape Pet Clinic in Bethany, Oklahoma

(405) 787-2285.


Please help spread the word about these loving animals! Let’s find them all some caring families!


To be continued….
Next post we’ll highlight the two adorable dogs we photographed. So Stay Tuned!



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