Scared of Boudoir? Don’t be! – Photos by Keshia

Scared of Boudoir? Don’t be! – Photos by Keshia

Has the thought of doing a boudoir session crossed your mind? And then you think “Heck no, what am I thinking? I can’t do that!”

WRONG! You sure can!

Boudoir sessions have a reputation for being scary, hard, and maybe too promiscuous! In all honestly, they are what you make it, what you want! If you want it sexy, DO IT. If you want it cute and flirty, GO THAT ROUTE! More sensual or even more natural and realistic, THEY ALL WORK!

I know the thought of being in front of a camera period is scary! Not many people like having their picture taken, including me! It’s like….

What do I do?

Where do my hands go?

Is this sexy?

But guess what, I coach you through that! I give you instructions; I tell you what to think about to give you that cute and sexy look! So within about 5-10 minutes you are having fun and it isn’t scary! By the end you want to keep going! I have never had a gal tell me she didn’t have fun and most want to do another session!

As for being promiscuous, not every boudoir session includes a makeup artist, crazy teased hair, and some crazy lingerie! It can be a big tee and messy hair! Make it you! Customize it for you and your significant other! Does he like Star Wars? Does his job have a uniform? Any inside jokes?

In the end you shouldn’t question whether you should or not! You know you want to and you SHOULD!

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Boudoir Testimonies and Pics!

“ I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU. You made my very first boudoir session memorable and fun. Your ability to calm nerves was amazing. Thank you for making me feel at ease, you both were awesome” -DC

“Y’all if you have not done a shoot with Keshia this is the perfect time! So fun! You will not be disappointed!” – AJ

“ I could not have been more impressed with my shoot with Keshia! Pictures turned out STUNNING!” -MV

“Gave my fiancé the pictures!! HE LOVED THEM! Thank you for doing an amazing job!” -EC

“WOW!!!  I really, really love them and I know my husband is going to flip out when he sees it!!!” -SB

Scared of Boudoir? Don’t be! – Photos by Keshia

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